66: Concerning Christ, the Living Vine in the Living Branches

Abington, the 14th of the Fourth Month [June], this morning before daylight—as it now comes in my mind:

Concerning the living and true vine, which never was dead nor could die, nor ever will nor can die, but remains the same it was from and to all eternity, eternal TRUTH: And every true and living branch dwells in this vine. And this pure vine dwells in, in, in them; and they in, in him, not out[side] of him. No, no, we are in him: that is true. And we know him that is True, and is the very Truth itself, the holy, eternal essence that is God, the only true God, and true and only savior. And there is no other true God and savior either in heaven above or in the earth beneath or anywhere else.

In this eternal TRUTH, the true God is manifest to and in: in his saints, in sanctified hearts, which are his temple, house, or body. And these dear, beloved children of his worship him in this his own temple. And he the Holy One accepts of their worship and their offerings—whether preaching, prayer, praises, or thanksgivings—which are offered up to him and in him, in and by his own Spirit, life, power, and strength (which is himself) without any mixture of self.

Striking sparks of fire of man or woman’s own kindling, such dear sweet living branches as these that are in, in the holy pure living vine, and the living vine in them, can and do and ever shall at times offer up high praises, hallelujahs, and thanksgivings to him that was and is and is to come—the Truth—with pure hearts, listing up holy hands without wrath or doubting. For they or he that doubts is damned, as it is written.

These heaven-born souls and bodies have the government and kingdom of heaven, the Truth, the true Christ essentially, within them. The kingdom, government—which is one of heaven—is within, as it is written. Such as those know it to be so, and do not look out at the lo-heres and lo-theres, nor stand gazing up into the air, looking after and for a carnal, human, earthly, natural, finite, fleshly, and mortal body, as the essence of St. Mary’s body and her children’s was.

But the body of Christ, the Truth, a spiritual heavenly immortal body, which is his church—or congregation, more properly speaking, as that worthy martyr William Tyndale’s translation of the Bible calls it congregation—and this is Christ’s or Truth’s body, and he himself the holy head of and in his own body, his congregation the Truth, and Christ the true head is on and in his own body. Not a great way off, by no means: such wild notions are preposterous, to imagine that Truth [is] the true head and there is no other, [which] should be thousands of millions of miles’ distance from its own body in some place of locality, nobody knows where.

But this is a notorious delusion [from] Satan and all his ministers the world over, to lead people’s minds out[side], and to look for that [Truth] a great way off, which is so high and in[side] them. For fear [that] poor mankind, that are his, Satan’s, slaves—though keepers of slaves—should turn their minds inward and find a redeemer there that is willing, if faithfully obeyed, and easily to bind the strong man armed, Satan, and cast him out and spoil all his goods, which are sin, and then he Satan knows he loses his kingdom in such a soul and body. 

O! that it might be so with every individual body and soul in the whole universe: that the earth might become like Eden, and Eden as the garden of the Lord, where he the Holy One the Truth would then take delight to walk amongst his pleasant plants and dwell in and amongst such well-beloved children, sons and daughters, servants and handmaids, and such children born of the royal Seed of heaven, the offspring of their eternal Father the Truth, being filled with his power and his great glory and ravished with his ineffable beauty. Then, then, then it is as it was of old: the morning stars can and do sing together; and the sons of God shout aloud for joy because the heavenly Father, Lord and King, the Truth is amongst them, in them, and is glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, and working wonders for them, and in them, and here [they are] in him, in him, not out of him, but in him only and alone, and in none else. The earth enjoys its sabbath again, as it did before there was any sin in the world, in as full and as sweet a glorious and heavenly manner I firmly believe as of old, because it is the mind of TRUTH it should be so, I do know.

There is no savior that saves from sin,
But him that saves and dwells within.