58: Of Covetousness, That Mighty Monster

Sodom and Gomorrah Afire by Jacob de Wet II, 1680 (By Daderot – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62711574).

The sins of Sodom and many other countries ([and] who knows but it may on this [country of America], if we do not repent in time) brought the fiery wrath and indignation of the Lord upon them, whereby they were destroyed, after his merciful long forbearance. 

Question: The sins of Sodom: what are them or they? 

Answer: Pridefullness of bread, and abundance of idleness—and I may say earthly mindedness or covetousness: that mighty, mighty, almost almighty monster, the chiefest of the seven devils and supreme ruler, head, and governor in hell, Babylon, and [the] bottomless pit. The other six devils have slain their thousands and tens of thousands; but this cursed, ugly, hateful, damned piece of deformity and mother, midwife, and nurse of enormities has destroyed more millions of thousands, as it is thought and hath been thought by discerning and observing men (Revelation 13:1–2). For what gross wickedness, I say, was there ever committed in all or any part of the world that we have had by account of in any history or newspapers, but this beast—with his seven heads, ten horns, and ten crowns, and his name of Blasphemy—has not had a share and hand in it. So then, all covetous men are beasts, blasphemers, liars, thieves, and murderers as well as idolaters. 

Psalm 49:12–13, 20; 1 Corinthians 15:32Titus 1:11–12; 2 Peter 2:12

I heartily wish we might be brought to see this sin as great and as dangerous as it really is—both in church and state, in ministers and hearers—that we might with one accord by fasting and prayer, in Spirit and in Truth, night and day, in public and private, seek to and beseech the Almighty Lord of heaven and earth that he would be pleased to assist us with strength and courage to make war with and engage against so capital an enemy that is so offensive to God and all true religion, destructive to government and mankind in general.

For I do believe here is, in this land of America, as selfish, sordid, greedy, covetous, earthly minded people of almost all names as any in the world. Oh! that some courageous, valiant little Davids might be raised up and furnished with their slings, and smooth stones taken out of the brook of the Lord, the river of Life that runs through or in the paradise of God which is heaven, and sent forth against this great Goliath that defies the very armies of the living God, and bring him down, cut off his head, and give his carcass with all the [spiritually] uncircumcised armies in all nations and countries, to the beasts of the field. The field is the world; Satan is the beast of the field; his fowls are airy; and to the fowls of the air where Satan the prince of darkness rules, there let them go together where they belong: birds of a feather let them go together. If they love to live in hell, in sin let them take it and the reward of  it: torment. Kites amongst chickens, and wolves with lambs, come but to devour; it is their nature.   

The people in these countries of America have been blessed with a great deal of peace, plenty, and quiet living for many years. It is to be feared [that] many—yea the greatest number by far—are grown lukewarm as to religion especially, and are become careless, forgetful, and negligent to make suitable returns to the Almighty for his innumerable favors, which he hath been pleased to shower down upon us continually in such abundance, both spiritually and temporally for body and soul.

I believe there was a time when many tender souls (I hope there are some yet left) lived in a Divine sense of these great blessings and sincerely endeavored to make suitable returns or acknowledgments to the Lord, the Giver, for the same: by walking and living an holy, pious, temperate, righteous, just, and a strict self-denying life, and so manifested their sincerity and love to the ever-blessed TRUTH, in the fight of God and man. 

By avoiding everything that might seem to be sin, these [tender souls] were without sin, not omitting [to do] anything they in the Light of TRUTH see to be their duty. But Oh! Oh! Oh! if such as these chieftains turn their backs in the day of battle (against sin and Satan). What will become of the rest of the army, if these turn with or like: the dog, to lick up his filthiness which he had cast out; and with the swine that washed to wallowing again in the mire of sin and iniquity of  every and any sort? What will become of us? For old men, maybe some middle-aged too, are centered in the earth: greedily grasping and gaping after the world. 

Mammon, Mammon, Mammon! as though Satan ruled  in them. For he is god of this world, and Satan is self, self, self unmortified; no worse devil can be found either in, under, or above the ground.