14: On Their Way Slave-Keepers Very Ready to Smite and Revile Any That Reprove Them for Their Sin

I can truly say I have had large and long experience since I came into America that many of our ministers and elders are not only in the bond of iniquity, but also in the gall of bitterness, and are as ready to smite as the son of Immer, although chief governor in the House of the Lord (Jeremiah 20:1–2). Or as Zedekiah to smite Micaiah on the cheek, (1 Kings 22:24). Do but reprove for these things (slave practice) and he or they will, if possible, bring you into bonds and fetters, or put you into the stocks with or in the high gate of Benjamin, or some other way, although he dwells near and in the House of the Lord.

Jeremiah 22:13–16: Woe unto him that buildeth his house by iniquity, and useth his neighbor’s service without wages, and giveth him not for his work. Shalt thou reign because thou encloseth thyself in cedar?

Jeremiah 23:9: Is it not enough almost to break ones heart, to see this practice of slaves lived in and pleaded for by our preachers and elders?

Jeremiah 23:14: Dear Friends, do not these greatly strengthen the hands of evil-doers? 

Jeremiah 23:15: Is not profaneness gone forth into all the land, by their means?

Jeremiah 23:16: My dear and tender Friends, should we or shall we always hearken unto the voice or words of such prophets that teach lies in the name of the Lord?

Deuteronomy 29:18: Is not this practice turning the heart from the Lord to serve the idols of the nations?

Then what a root of gall and wormwood appears in these Negro-keepers when they are reproved, ministers especially, to my certain knowledge and long experience.

In his excellent song Moses lively sets forth the tender mercies of God to the faithful; and his Vengeance against the unfaithful Slave-Keepers, all unfaithful that profess Truth.

Deuteronomy 32:1Give earO heavens, the heavenly-minded, and I will speak.

Deuteronomy 32:2: My doctrine shall drop as the rain and dew, but then it is upon the tender plant, not the old sturdy oak. It will do no good there, I fear.

Deuteronomy 32:6: Do ye (slave-keepers) thus requite the Lord, for all his favors, O foolish people and unwise?

Deuteronomy 32:20: What shall we do, dear Friends, if the Lord should entirely hide his face from us, because of this thing, slave-keeping, and some others almost as bad?

Deuteronomy 32:30How shall one chase a thousand, while this trade is practiced by us as a people?

Deuteronomy 32:31: But blessed be the pure name of our God, the Negro-keeping rock is not our rock, even our enemies themselves being judges. They are enemies, though called Friends.

Deuteronomy 32:32For their vine is the vine of Sodom, and their fruit bitter as gall and wormwood, as is very well known.

Deuteronomy 32:33Their wine, their pleasures, and profit, gotten by slave-keeping, will be as the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps, in the end, or I am mistaken.

Deuteronomy 32:41: Will not the Lord whet his glittering sword, and take vengeance on such enemies, that pretend to preach Truth, and practice a lie, the greatest in the world.

Job 20:12Though this wickedness slave-keeping be sweet in the mouth, they can salve it with smooth words. Yet torment is under the tongue

Job 20:13Though he spare his sin and forsake it not, but keep it still within his mouth; will not confess how it is within him.

Job 20:14Yet his meat in his bowels is turned, his pleasant gain gotten by his slaves and swallowed down, it will bite as bad as the gall of asps and vipers’ tongue within him, if not repented of and forsaken before death. For when death approaches, sin will sting.

Job 20:17: Such without repentance and forsaking, shall not see the rivers, the floods, the brooks of honey and butter that flow in a pure conscience and holy souls.

Amos 6:12: Have not some turned judgment, in discipline into gall, and hemlock, which is bitter poison.

Job 21:6–14They that think they have the Blessing of God, with Slave-Keeping, because they prosper in this World.

Psalm 17:10 and Psalm 73:3: Let such be entreated to read these scriptures to the end. For, says David, I was envious at the wicked or foolish when I saw the property of the wicked, and so goes on, very excellently indeed.

Habakkuk 1:3, 4, 16Why dost thou show me iniquity? Men are in it, therefore wrong judgment proceedeth.

Isaiah 28:15, 17, 18, 19, 29, 21. You that keep slaves, your covenant with death and hell shall be broken; when the over-flowing scourge shall pass throughthen ye shall be trodden down by it. The Lord hasten the time, faith my soul: for they lay snares for him that reproves in the gate.

Matthew 5:19: If they shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven that shall break the least commandment, and teach men so to do, surely they are the greatest in the kingdom of hell that break the greatest and all of them, and teach men so to do. But slave-trading preachers do so, therefore.

Matthew 21:28–31He that said he would not, and yet did the will of his Father was commended. But I believe these that say well sometimes in meetings and do ill in slave-trading will come far behind publicans and harlots.

Luke 14:33–35: He that forsaketh not all, said blessed Jesus, cannot be my disciple. Slave-keepers covet all bodies and souls, wives and children of their neighbors: such unsavory salt, good for neither land or dunghill. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.