49: William Smith’s Balm from Gilead, concerning True Discerning and Judgment

Balm from Gilead, by William Smith (folio pages 108, 77–89, 109, 117, 139): A few words of tender counsel unto all born of the Spirit, who walk in the way of life. 

Page 110:

A few words concerning true discerning and judgment: They that have not the spirit of Christ are none of his. But all that receive it and have unity with it, that walk not in the flesh, but in the Spirit—in which they see the shapes and forms of every likeness and image, and ground from where they do arise, and no false birth can have a hiding place, but from the least to the greatest they are discovered.

And the fair coverings that any have clothed themselves withal is seen through, and all the formed likeness. They are all seen to be of the flesh (in what they do profess to be of God). And their root and principle is of that part and nature that is earthly, from which no good thing can arise. And it brings forth a birth of its own nature. And though this may seem to be rash judgment—and you may call it so—yet it will stand a witness against all that are satisfying the flesh.

For there is not anything so hardly received as that testimony which strikes at the life [of] another, and which deals plainly and simply with all, and desires the good of all, that meets with the least entertainment in the hearts of the people. But that which flatters and cries “peace!” when the bonds of iniquity stand, that is pleasant to them that walk in the flesh, but that which rips them up and discovers their shame they kick against, will not receive it for Truth, for there is no work of the flesh that would come under the Spirit’s judgment. So every form and likeness would save its own life by putting off the judgment—as if none could discern it. And no false birth would have its nakedness appear, lest it should come to same thereby. 

Much more has dear William writ touching this matter, very excellent; and many other things relating to the kingdom of God, very sweetly.