61: Of Back-Biting, That Foul Disease

Something concerning back-biting: that spreading soul disease, that does so much mischief in the world:

Dear Friends,

Meet often together, in the name and fear of the living God.

And take heed of words: see that the Witness speaks—which will cut down our own wills—and it will minister to the Witness in others, to the slaying of  their Wills.

And take heed of watching one over another with an evil eye, to spy out one another’s weakness, and declare it to others and discover their nakedness: Thou that art here are cursed Ham, and the wrath of God will be revealed upon thee.

But watch one over another with a pure single eye. And if thou see the pure in bondage, in any one by the deceit: whisper thou, not behind their back to others, but let the Witness in thee which sees the deceit and suffers with the Pure that is pressed down by it, let it declare and witness forth the mind of the living God against the deceit. And it will cut it down, and the pure holy Seed will be set at liberty, and thy conscience will be kept clean unto the Lord in discharging thy duty.

And so will thy captivated brother or sister be restored again forth out of the hand of the destroyer. And then thou wilt have unity together in that which is pure forever in the Lord.

And the eternal God of power keep you all his dear children, in his pure Wisdom, to walk faithfully with him and one with another. And the blessing of the Lord God almighty be with you all, forever. Amen.          

William Dewsbury