42: August Eleutherius [Sebastian Franck]: The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit or Tree of Knowledge, writ by August Eleutherius [Sebastian Franck]

Page 68: We read wisdom is foolishness with God, which form of speech we steal from Paul, and babble of it, when indeed we neither know our own nor Paul’s meaning touching it. No man renounces his own wisdom. This, forsooth, man thinks is spoken of Turks [Muslims] and infidels. Hence it comes to pass that man is deceived in himself. 

Pages 93–94:

I. What is the beast of which Daniel writeth, which speaketh against the Highest, and slayth the saints of God

II. What is the serpent which deceived Adam and Eve?

III. What is the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

IV.  What is that impudent king of Anti-Christ of whom Daniel and Paul speaketh?

V. What is that many-headed monster mentioned in the Apocalypse, whom the whole world doth worship?

VI. What is sin? What is death? What is the devil? 

I answer: It is every man’s own carnal wit and reason, righteousness and the like. For which cause Paul calleth it death, enmity and foolishness unto God. And James calleth it earthly, human, and devilish, because these three are one: For the devil, man, Adam, and the serpent are sworn brethren, yea brethren, yea both one. Much more has this worthy man writ very excellently, as [on] page 166 to the end of book.      

It is given me at this time thus to write concerning Faith.

All the books, Bibles, and men in the world cannot give one man faith in the Holy Ghost, or God, which is one. But the least touch of the Holy Ghost can give any man faith in God in the Scriptures which testify of him, that has well read them.