52: George Fox the Younger’s Works: Very Excellent

Page 242: Dear Friends, when you are met together to wait upon the Lord, O feel his living gift in yourselves in your meetings and at other times, whereby satisfaction and refreshment shall be received unto the Seed Immortal. 

So dear hearts, let the living [inward] measure of the eternal Father of life and power and wisdom be your continual stay and habitation. That so if any shall come among you that are out of the true favor and feeling of the Life in themselves, and shall act or speak anything among you that is out of the Life, that ye may not then be drawn out of the favor and feeling thereby, but wait ye single in the innocent, patient long suffering of Christ. And if ye feel the Seed burdened, wait in true patience and fervent love to Truth. Then the Lord’s counsel you will know, and the evil you will know that caused the burden, and be judged. And the Truth will be adorned, and its enemies shall be ashamed. 

Page 453: And if any member would act anything that might hurt the body [of the church] or any part of it, either through being out of the sense [of the Spirit or] what is of service to the body or otherwise, then another member or members be made sensible of the same: it or they are bound in love to the body to seek to hinder the same.