59: The Young Ones Spend Their Substance Their Parents Left Them, Then Want to Borrow of Others

The young—once they are got into the airy region where the prince of darkness rules in the disobedient hearts: riding, drinking, and galloping about from house to house; smoking, snuffing, chewing tobacco, and other unclean, fulsome, foul, indecent, and sinful practice; spending their precious time in their master Satan’s service; and some wasting the substance and estates which they never wrought for—live and die miserable, and leave their poor children forlorn and helpless for others to maintain when they are gone drinking to their graves and have left a bad savor behind them by their great intemperance, idleness, carelessness, and slothfulness. Or altogether and when they have so consumed their substance, ride up and down to borrow of others, but take little care to pay it again. 

Oh! that the poor tender young creatures, and old too, that are still remaining might consider in time, and turn to the Lord by unfeigned repentance and amendment of life, that so those evils and misery which otherwise will come upon them might be avoided is the hearty desire of my mind, and that is the end or intent of my writing.            B.L.

As I have said, it has been in my mind a pretty many years something concerning the true reformation, preservation, and welfare or well-being of mankind: especially the well educating and instructing of youth after the best manner or method for the conservation and happiness of posterity. There is a method, very excellent, called A Reformation of Learning by William Dell, author of  that excellent book called The Trial of Spirits in Preachers and Hearers, to which I refer my reader, hoping it may be of service, and then my end will be answered entirely.