48: Robert Barclay’s Apology. George Fox’s Doctrinal, concerning the Kingdom or Government of Heaven, What It Is, and Where It Is to be Possessed of and Enjoyed in This World. His Great Mystery. Margaret Fox’s Writings. Samuel Fisher’s Works.

Robert Barclay’s Apology (page 279), concerning the call, qualification, work, and wages of a true Gospel minister: very notable. I think the book may be had at B. Franklin’s in Philadelphia, which I believe might give satisfaction to all or most impartial readers.

William Sewel’s History of the Quakers (folio pages 120, 176, 717), concerning the call, qualifications, etc., of the true ministers.

George Fox’s Doctrinal (folio pages 23, 27, 933–937, 1018, 1089), concerning the kingdom of heaven, what it is and where it is and how to be attained, by living, true, and infallible experience. Where the holy God reigns in righteousness, there is his kingdom. So where the unholy devil reigns in sin, there is his kingdom. The kingdom of God is within you, said Christ to the Pharisees (Luke 17. 21). Christ within, in his own kingdom, [is] where truth and righteousness is. But where sin is within, there Satan is, Satan within, in his kingdom. So all that live in sin, the devil lives, rules, and reigns in them. 

George Fox’s Great Mystery (page 242, 250), concerning the kingdom of heaven within. 

M. Fox’s Writings (pages 220, 137, 509): To all the professed teachers in the whole world who go under the name of Christians, and make a profession of Christ, having a form of Godliness, but deny or neglect the power. 

Samuel Fisher’s Works (folio pages 23, 62, 775, 851, 856)

Page 62: A lamentation over lost souls, with a word of warning to all kings, princes, parliaments, and powers, and people, to beware of all such priests as uphold the devil’s kingdom, by pleading contrary to the scriptures of Truth, a continuance of iniquity for term of this life, and a necessity of men’s transgressing of God’s law, while they live in the world or have any abode in the body. 

Page 73: Likewise The Rustick’s Alarm to the Rabbies, or the Country Correcting the University and Clergy, and (Not without Good Cause) Contesting for the Truth against the Nursing Mothers and Their Children