54: George Fox, Continued

Page 254: Ah, Friends: the unity, the unity (in the Spirit), the love, the love (from a pure heart) is exceeding[ly] precious. The yearning of bowels towards each other (in the Lord)—the faith, the patience, the watching and breathing and groaning and sighing and praying and crying in the spirit and power of Emanuel—is able to astonish the heathen and confound armies and powers that withstand the kingdom of Christ the Lord, and to cause vengeance to come upon such as will repent and turn to the Lord in the day of their visitation, even in the day of God’s long patience and forbearance, but set and bend themselves against the Lord, and his Anointed.

Now Friends, here is our strength, and these are the weapons that we must war withal, against all ungodliness that is come and coming up. But verily, Friends, if any of your affections be centered in husbands, wives, children, or any earthen vessel or any visible thing whatsoever—so as that you cannot be willing to part withal, if it be required at your hands—then may your sufferings be great and dangerous unto you.

Much more the dear Lamb writ to this purpose, but I am afraid of enlarging, lest I swell this volume too much.