44: Thomas à Kempis: The Christian Pattern, or the Imitation of Christ

The Christian Pattern [or The Imitation of Christ], by Thomas à Kempis, concerning the doctrine of Truth.

Page 6: Happy is he whom Truth itself doth teach, not by figures and words that pass away, but as it is in itself. Our senses do often deceive us. What have we to do with genus and species, the dry notions of logicians?

He to whom the eternal Word speaketh is delivered from a world of unnecessary conceptions. From that one Word are all things, and all speak that one, and this is the beginning which also speaketh unto us. No man without that (Word) understandeth or judgeth rightly.

He to whom all things are one, he who reduceth all to one, and seeth all things in one, may enjoy a quiet mind and remain peaceable in God. O God who art the Truth, make me one with thee in everlasting charity! It is tedious to me to read and hear many things; in thee is all that I would have and can desire. Let all doctors [scholars] hold their peace, let all creatures be silent in thy sight, speak thou alone unto me.

Page 115: The Truth speaketh inwardly without noise of words.

Page 140: That the world being despised, it is a sweet thing to serve God.

Oh if these two books—Spiritual Guide and Christian Pattern—were reprinted here! But the people are asleep in their sins, teachers and hearers in the devil’s bosom in hell and don’t know it, for their preachers cannot or dare not tell them. For they are blind, dumb, blind, sleepy, dumb dogs: they cannot bark rightly, but they can bite. So there is something for all such to chew upon, of all congregations, as much as they please. And if this be not enough, they may have more in time.

Let such read Psalm 22:16–18, Psalm 59:12–16Isaiah 1:10–12Philippians 3:2–3. Beware of dogs! Revelation 22:15. Men unconverted in the nature of dogs, and confess they cannot cease from sin [in their] term of life. Yet all sin is the devil’s kingdom where he reigns, and such as these are the teachers of the people. Oh! What will become of us?