53: Benjamin Lay concerning His Inward Unity with His True Friends

Now I say—my dear, inwardly, and entirely beloved Friends—my joy and my crown, and my exceeding great reward for all my labors and small sufferings is and I trust ever shall be your unity in the holy, spotless, eternal TRUTH, which I prefer before all my chiefest joys in this world. My sweet heavenly Father is witness for me.

My dearly beloved, search and see, weigh it in the balance of the sanctuary, in the Light of Truth—without which you know we cannot see clearly, nor judge impartially. See, I say, if there be anything more black, more gross and dangerous or likely to destroy the body and branches [of our religious society of Friends] and lay it entirely waste—although I know, I know the root shall and will abide forever, and shall spring up elsewhere—if all the lame, dry, withered, sickly, and dead branches should be cut off by some judgment from above, and the whole body defected and buried in oblivion.  Which I shall pray with my whole soul and spirit to my dear dead [wife] (when I can), that it may be prevented for the sake of some that are living branches—sweet, green, and fruit-bearing amongst us. Inquire strictly, dear Friends, if there be anything more likely to bring sudden destruction upon us than that satanical practice of SLAVE-KEEPING.

Ezekiel 14:3–7

Ezekiel 20:7–39

Revelation 3:15–19

Revelation 9:2, 3, 21

Revelation 13:12 to the end

Revelation 14:9–10

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Revelation 18:4

And a false and forward ministry, and that dark, dry earthly spirit that gives life to it and strength, and worship the images and idols that it makes, and almost the image-makers. But they shall all have their part in the lake [of fire], except they repent in time, which I heartily desire they may.