09: Long Custom in Sin Is Hard to Be Broken

For long custom in sin hides, covers, [and] as it were takes away the guilt of sin. Long custom: the conveniency of slaves working for us, waiting and tending continually on us, besides the washing, cleaning, scouring, cooking very nicely fine and curious, sewing, knitting, darning, almost ever at hand and command. And in other places: milking, churning, cheese-making, and all the drudgery in dairy and kitchen, within-doors and -without. And the proud, dainty, lazy daughters sit with their hands before them, like some of the worst, idle sort of gentlewomen, and if they want a trifle, rather than rise from their seats, call the poor slave from her drudgery to come and wait upon them. These things have been the utter ruin of more than a few; and yet encouraged by their own parents, for whom my spirit is grieved, some of which were and are preachers in great repute, as well as others.