19: Concerning the Lying Spirit in Ahab’s Prophets

Besides all these things we buy, sell, trade, get gain by, and with them, we must be careful how we offend our benefactors and dear Friends.  But here is yet a stronger bond than the other: pleasure and profit. We love to sleep with their offspring, so they be but rich. For many of us have joined affinity with these Ahabs (O that hard word) and Jezebels for gains, by marrying with their rich children. And if we become prophets and can prophesy such things as they like, we shall be highly favored and fed at Jezebel’s table, though we should be twice 4500 of us.

What if we be as the lying spirit in the mouth of all Ahab’s prophets, and cause him to go up and fall at Ramah, being damned? What if Jezebel be eaten with dogs? What care we for that?

What if Jezebel be eaten with dogs, if we can get into their estates and possessions, what care we? When they are dead and gone, they will not remember our lying prophecies (1 Kings 18:40). Indeed we should be loath to be served as Elijah did the prophets, at the brook Kishon.

2 Kings 10:1, 5–7: We had rather destroy all the truly begotten and born heirs of God, and joint or equal heirs with Christ the Truth, which testify against us and our slave-keeping practice.

2 Kings 10:18–26: We to be sure would sooner destroy all the royal offspring of heaven as our elder brethren, them wicked elders in Ahab’s time, slew 70 innocent children, for fear of their own dear lives; but Jehu answered and served them accordingly. It’s true, verse 25, and if it should be so with us, it’s better to die by the sword than by famine, as the scriptures speak, or especially to be treated as many of our brethren in this great iniquity do their slaves up and down in the world and their offspring, always repeated and repeating forevermore, with all the torture and torments that devil and dragon, death and hell can invent or devise with all their accomplices.

But although some of us that are Negro masters and traders do allow that the beginning of this practice was of the devil, and that he and we his instruments are now carrying of it on very powerfully, and as it had a beginning there in hell, so it must have an end.

Matthew 8:28–29: But the time is not yet come. Therefore surely we may be allowed to ask the same question of Truth now as two of our elder brethren did formerly, which were possessed with devils as well as we: What have we to do with thee, Truth?

Mark 5:7, 10, 12Art thou come hither to torment us before our time? and all the devils besought him, the Truth, saying, send us into the swine; and Truth gave them leave, and so he does now. For Truth had rather the devil should dwell in the swine than in the saints, for fear he should make the saints swine again, as some were before they were cleansed.