34: Excellent Advice of Sir Thomas Moore and George Fox against Putting Men to Death for Small Matters

There is an excellent passage quoted by Ralph Sandiford on page 104 from Thomas Moore, High Chancellor of England, much to the purpose.

Likewise that holy man of God, George Fox, that faithful servant and indefatigable laborer in the most high Lord’s vineyard, who turned more souls from darkness to Light and from the power of satan to the power of God than any one that England or the Dominions thereof has produced since the apostles’ days, I do firmly believe, as his excellent Journal does make appear to them that can read it with the same divine Mind in which it was written, besides the multitude of faithful testimonies to the divine Power that wrought all his works in him and for him. While this dear lamb George Fox was in Darby  prison in persecution, he was under great suffering of spirit and under the very sense of death, as he writes, and he writ to the judges about putting people to death for stealing cattle or money and small matters, and thus it was: 

I am moved to write unto you to take heed of putting men to death for stealing cattle or money etc.: for the thieves in the old time were to make restitution; and if they had not wherewith, they were to be sold for their theft.  Mind the laws of God in the Scriptures and the Spirit that gave them forth, and let them be your rule in executing judgment; and show mercy that you may receive mercy from God, the judge of all. And take heed of gifts and rewards, and of pride, for God doth forbid them, and they do blind the eyes of the wise. I do not write to give liberty to sin: God hath forbidden it; but that you should judge according to his laws, and show mercy, for he delighteth in true judgment and in mercy. I beseech you to mind these things, and prize your time now you have it, and fear God and serve him, for he is a consuming fire.

Journal of George Fox

So far George Fox and much more concerning these things, when in prison in persecuting times.